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Get a rating of 9.6 on

If you make the changes which I recommend, you can count on a quick effect on ratings left on services like Booking, Agoda, Traveloka, TripAdvisor etc. And please note - you don’t need money to improve! 70% of my advice doesn’t require a monetary invecstment.

Bartek Zobek

Have more guests and longer stays

Even during low season. Or raise prices without reducing the occupancy rate. Thanks to insightful observation, travel experience and understanding Western guest’s point of view, I will provide you effective (and usually simple) solutions to introduce.

Attract the kind of guests you need

Luxury - seeking guests or backpackers? Families or artists? Low or high budget? Let me know who you would like to host and I will give you appropriate leads.

How it works?

The audit is preceded by an interview with the hotel management. Then I check in for at least 2 days (depending on the range of services), either officially or confidentially as a mystery client. During that period I test services, watch the staff and look for areas of improvement. I can speak English, Spanish or Polish. I discreetly interview other guests as well. Finally I prepare a report consisting of the advantages, disadvantages and proposals, also with some SWOT elements also included. In the extended version, I can also train the staff.

The analysis bases on Western hotel standards.

A better rating or your money back!

I guarantee that if you introduce the changes I suggest, you will raise your average rating on Agoda etc. within 2 months. If not - I will give your money back*.

Who I am

I am an Internet marketing specialist with experience since 2003. I also have a background in mystery shopping from studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I have combined my experience with my biggest passion, which is travelling, so I run the travel advisory website (currently available in Polish) and provide hotel advisory services. I have visited around 60 countries and assessed hundreds of properties. Now let’s raise the rating of your place!

What can you get?

1. A report with practical advice on how to significantly raise average guests’ scores on services like,, It consists of the author’s approach and SWOT elements, an also some tips based on descreet interviews with guests. The report is confidential and provided after 2 days. Its content can be discussed with hotel management.


Inspired by the hundreds of hotels I've seen during my travels, I will provide you with some ideas to make your place unique and memorable regardless of your budget.

Audit may also concern the spa, and restaurant service.

2. Staff training based on analysis. I can train your staff in dimensions such as: customer service, English vocabulary in tourism, webpositioning (SEO), Google AdWords, Facebook promotion, how to sell better on booking services, taking pictures and western cooking.

3. High quality pictures helping you sell better on the Internet.

4. Website analysis.

5. Special mystery shopping - tough clients – how to recognise and avoid critical opinions on the Internet.

6. Tips regarding Western trends in cuisine.

7. Money - saving opportunities.

8. Music preferred by different types of guests.

9. Marketing positioning ideas (if not present).

10. Earning opportunities – extend the range of your offer.

11. Ads on my travel advisor website: and FB traveller group:

12. Confidential comparison with rivals.

Why do ratings matter?

For many tourists, opinions of a hotel are more reliable than the hotel’s description, and provide more useful information. Not coincidentally, services like Agoda let guests sort hotels according to their average scores.

How much is it?

To get a quote, please contact me:

Bartek Zobek


WhatsApp: 0048 509 299 209

* Warranty charge is 199 USD and includes further consulting after report has been issued. It is refunded if a new average score is not achieved.

Warranty applies to point nr. 1 from the offer above and does not apply to any barter deal.

The guaranteed score (calculated after improvements have been implemented) is:

- 9.6 if the previous average score was 8.5 - 9.0

- 9.0 if the previous average score was 7.5 - 8.4

- 8.5 if the previous average score was under 7.5

The purchaser obliges to introduce all high-importance improvements and at least 50% of low-importance improvements within three months of when the report is delivered to the purchaser.

The consultant has the right to supervise the improvements in person or ask the purchaser for a video report.

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